The Lorag Games 2020 October Steam Sale Is On Now!

  Have you been spending lots on time indoors lately?…..just kidding. Kill the COVIDBORDOM with some killer games at unbelievable prices!!! The Lorag Games Steam October sale is on now! Midnightland EggK47 Zombie Soldier

May 2019 Midnightland Update Featuring Camp Deadwood!

Summer is over and the kids have all gone home…you are alone in Camp Deadwood. Its quiet…a little too quiet. New Midnightland May 2019 Update featuring 1.New weapons system: Switch between pistol, assault rifle and rocket launcher. Special ammo for each weapon. 2.New ammo collection Read More …

All Lorag Games Featured In The 2018 Steam Winter Sale!

Get all Lorag Games titles in Valve Corporation’s Steam Winter Sale Now! Get Em Before The Sale Ends! MIDNIGHTLAND EGGK47 ZOMBIE SOLDIER